Kansas People's Action

Reuben Headshot copy“Even though our families are continually threatened by mass incarceration, deportation, restrictions on voting, cuts to public education and more, we are able to make change by coming together through KPA. And that’s why Kansas has a bright future ahead.”

- Reuben Eckels, Member, KPA



jan254“I believe Kansas People’s Action is asking the right question when contacting voters: What kind of state do you want to live in? Everybody agrees on that — we want education, health care, and equal opportunities. When they find out how our current state leaders are destroying those opportunities, they appreciate the call. It tells them how their vote can make a difference.”

- Jan Swartzendruber, member, KPA




maria300pxNuestra familia ha pasado por muchos desafíos, pero Kansas People’s Action nos da la confianza que tendremos un buen futuro juntos. No será facil, tendremos que luchar para alcanzarlo, pero lo estamos consiguiendo juntos. Me alegro que KPA es un grupo de personas en las que puedo confiar.”

Our family has overcome a lot of challenges, but Kansas People’s Action gives us confidence that we have a good future together. It’s not easy, we have to struggle for it, but we are getting there together. I’m glad KPA is a group of people I can believe in.”

- Maria Ramirez, member, KPA