Kansas People's Action

About Us

Kansas People’s Action is a grassroots organization of families, small businesses and local groups working to build a state where every family counts and is doing well.

Kansas needs new ideas and new leadership. The current policies and political parties only pretend to serve us, but in truth are designed to serve the interests of billionaires and their global enterprises.

No family should have to work multiple part time jobs just to scrape by. No family farm should have to close down after generations because of a market controlled by multinationals or because fracking is destroying the land and water. No neighborhood should be abandoned because of foreclosure and layoffs.

Families and small businesses depend on each other, but big corporations don’t. These giants are only accountable to Wall Street– they use us and discard us and then buy off politicians to protect the laws that serve them.

And big corporations aren’t the real job creators. Small businesses and the communities they serve still employ millions more Americans than big corporations do. Corporations must be forced to provide good paying jobs and retirement security, otherwise they will continue using us up and spitting us out while their profits pile up in offshore bank accounts.

Most of all, we have to come together and not allow those who preach hatred and intolerance to keep us apart. The systems and laws of our nation are outdated and still make it harder for families of color and women to succeed. We can’t afford to be in denial about these facts and the need for major reforms in order to make democracy real.

We all need each other if we’re going to get anywhere. No big corporation or politician has the answers and any that claim they do are simply lying. That’s why we are organizing ourselves to create new ideas and turn them into new policies that will actually produce a good life, stable and equitable communities in our state.

So get off the couch and join us. We’re building a new Kansas – and we’re having a lot of fun together in the process!

Adelante! Forward!