Kansas People's Action

Our Work

The members of Kansas People’s Action believe that our democracy, our government, and our economy should work for all families. The policies we’re fighting for stem directly from our values and our belief that together we can make Kansas rise. As we work together to build a better Kansas, we believe these policies will lift every family in our state.

Every family should be welcome in Kansas.

From our state’s founding, the people have Kansas have fought to ensure that our state is a place where all people can enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To make sure all people, especially immigrants, feel welcomed into our communities, we must:

Pass Comprehensive Immigration Legislation – All Kansans should have a democratic say in how our state is governed. This starts with providing a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants in Kansas.


Pass Safe Drivers License Legislation – Kansas is a big state and so Kansans must drive many miles to get to work, go grocery shopping, and visit family. Nobody in Kansas should ever be arrested for driving without a license because they are ineligible to obtain a license due to their immigration status.


We should make voting easier, not harder.

Voting is a fundamental right of democratic citizenship. In order to make sure that our government truly represents all families in Kansas, we need more voters, not less. To expand voter participation, we must:

Immediately Repeal the S.A.F.E. Act – We must restore the right to vote for the roughly 24,000 eligible voters who had their right to vote suspended under Secretary of State Kris Kobach.


Implement Policies That Make It Easier to Vote – The State of Kansas should encourage more Kansans to participate in the democratic process by passing same day voter registration, and ultimately automatic voter registration, so that every Kansan can show up at the polls on election day and vote.


Encourage Returning Citizens to Vote – Everyone deserves a second chance. Ex-felons returning to the community should be notified of their right to vote in Kansas and enthusiastically encouraged to do so by their probation officers.

We should put people at the heart of our democracy and get big money out.

 The strength and vitality of our democracy rests on safeguarding our elections from the corrupting influence of money. We need to put everyday men and women at the center of the electoral process and remove corporations and wealthy donors from the equation. To put people first, we must:

Overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon – The Supreme Court is wrong: corporations aren’t people and money isn’t speech. We must restore our democracy by putting real people and their voices first.


Publicly Finance Elections – The current system of election funding does not adequately represent the interests of all Kansans. We need a public financing system that matches small private donations with public funds to ensure an election system that is not biased towards big money.

We must invest in the common good by ensuring that all Kansans have access to an outstanding education and affordable healthcare.

Our current state government and public services have been cut to the bone, driving up inequality and hurting our families. We must reinvest in Kansas to secure a brighter future for ourselves and for our children.

Improve Public Education – Every child in Kansas deserves a quality public education so that they can grow up to become vibrant participants in our communities. We must ensure that no school with a majority of low-income students or students of color has less state and local funding than the statewide mean.


Improve Access to Affordable Healthcare – Everyone has a right to affordable, high-quality health care. Kansas should immediately accept federal money to expand Medicaid and undo the privatization of KanCare. The primary objective of the healthcare system should be ensuring the health of Kansans, not profiting off of them.